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Truth is, culture ain’t what it used to be…


Gone are the days of kids riding their bikes all over town, yelling, “Car!” as the kickball game comes to a screeching halt and watching a TV show with an after-school snack that didn’t promote a sexual agenda.  We are life-long friends and WE’VE HAD ENOUGH…how about you?


After a decade of starting and running schools, years of running a mom’s ministry and launching seven children between us, it’s time to shed light on a world that seems to be dimming. 


Here’s the bottom line: we’re not without Hope. There’s nothing new under the sun! In the beginning the Holy Spirit hovered over darkness and there was chaos until God spoke. His Word STILL has creative power to calm the cultural chaos and light our path with Truth! 

Jesus IS our Light, Life and Living Hope, so how do we as parents discern between light and darkness?



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Beacon Life | Equipping Parents | Christian Parenting |  Conference Speakers


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