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community model schools

Are you concerned about the direction of education in our nation? We are too!

Our background in both intentional parenting and developing discipleship model academies compels us to be part of the solution of the education crisis.

Parents are awakening to the shift toward unhealthy environments, harmful curriculum and dangerous indoctrination in many public and private schools in their communities.

community model schools beacon life

Suzanne Phillips and Kimberly Oden are utilizing   their experience as co-founders of Legacy Community Academy (now Valor Christian Academy and City Academy of Atlanta) to help other concerned communities launch community schools.


If you are a parent, group of parents or church that is interested in forming a school to serve your community, we would like to help!  We would like to use our years of experience in

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intentional parenting and non-traditional school development to equip parents and leaders to shape the next generation of learners and leaders for Christ. We are problem solvers! Help us determine YOUR needs so that we can determine next steps!

We are gathering interest and information. Whether you are a teacher ready to teach and disciple the next generation, parents searching for a practical solution, prayer warriors willing to pray with us through the process or someone interested in investing tangible tools or treasures in this endeavor, please complete this form to help us help you!

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